Our Staff

We have qualified native English-speaking teachers from across the world to invest in the lives of E.Q. children. All of our directors are multilingual and help communicate the vision of our school locally and internationally. If you need any assistance, feel free to contact us!

With her educational background and experiences in Hawaii, South Korea, Dubai, and Canada, Ms. Helen has revolutionized the path of pedagogy by focusing on the language fluency and daily implementation. Her passion is to develop healthy and global-minded children by partnering with each family for the future of next generation.

U.S. Representative

Mrs. Duran helps oversee the quality of staff, programs, and manage short-term trips to North America. She helps with immigrants, refugees, and ELL students (English Language Learners) at local college and high school. She and her husband have three children and minister to the multicultural community in Springfield, MO.

Local co-directors

Ms. Young-Kyung Kim and Mr. Darrow communicate directly with our E.Q. students and parents while coordinating all native English-speaking teachers. They help with the application process, class schedules, appointments, and other administrative duties. Their fluency in English and Japanese will help E.Q. families stay connected to our school.

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